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This is direct learning to set up and grow your VA business with swipe files, resources, videos, checklists, worksheets, downloadables, advice, and Jo + Sam as your mentors to create your in-demand virtual assistant business, together.

Direct Support And Advice

You'll get access to the private Members Club Facebook Group to connect with other VAs just like you. Jo + Sam are always there to answer all your burning questions, no matter where you are on your journey to a thriving VA business.

Weekly Accountability

Jo + Sam will help you break down your goals into 90 day action plans, and weekly task lists. Stay on track with weekly task setting and accountability check ins in the Private Members Club Facebook Group. 

Actionable Resources

The Members Club content library has swipe files, checklists and guides on every topic you could imagine. More content is added each month so you'll always be up-to-date with the latest tips and strategies.

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"Closed my first client for my new VA business today! All the Savvy resources have been invaluable in getting to this point - I could have painstakingly found out the bits and pieces for myself, but it would have been the long hard way. I'd still be sitting here trying to figure it all out. The Savvy program has given me the confidence and resources to execute with speed! Yusss."

Rachel B.
Virtual Assistant - Auckland, New Zealand

"Joining the members club for me was the starting point for my VA company. It gave me a huge boost for really starting it because Jo is a very motivating person. I had so many questions answered since joining. The sales training video sessions prepared me for my first client call - how to gather all important information about my business, what services I provide, and the structure provided helped me a lot. And importantly how to step out of employee mode and into business owner mode. Thank you also for providing quick video help about Google Chrome and setting up client’s profiles."

Claudia Hammerer
Virtual Assistant - Germany

"I’m still in the planning stage of my business at the moment and prior to joining the club I was feeling very overwhelmed. Now I feel like I’m learning again! I’ve always been an employee and I’m starting to feel a little more empowered to go for something different."

Melanie Cosford
Virtual Assistant - New Zealand

"Before accessing Savvy School I had no idea where to start with the set up of my business so I was really stressed out and honestly felt like just giving up. I have now written up multiple forms, done a tonne of research and enrolled in my course to get certified in bookkeeping. There have been so many benefits since joining the members club - from the 7 Steps of starting up to all the tools and videos, I love it all. If you are wondering if you should join - just go for it, it's well worth it. The best thing about the Members Club is the continuous encouragement and interaction."

Samantha Priday
Bookkeeper - New Zealand

"I am so glad I joined the members club. I find all the content very useful and it is so good to be able to go back over it when I need it, print out forms and quotes and also being able to do it at my own pace. I have used a lot of the recommended apps - like Wisestamp and Lastpass that I never knew about and they are so helpful."

Kelly Windley
Virtual Assistant - New Zealand

Being in business can be a lonely, and sometimes scary, place. 

We absolutely get it and that’s why we created the Savvy School and the Members Club.

We had all these learnings from running our own VA businesses and wanted to share them with women just like you.

Whether you're wanting to get started as a VA or you already have a VA business and want to take it to the next level – the Members Club will help you do just that and more!

~ Jo + Sam

So what does the Members Club include?

Exclusive Access

To us! Jo + Sam as your mentors and there to help guide you, support you and cheer you on.

Members only Private Facebook Group where you can ask questions, get support, take part in accountability sessions, and get notified of new content.

Online members' site filled with resources with more added every month.

Tutorials, Guides, Worksheets, Posts, Videos, Resources and Templates

  • Guide: 7 Steps To Setting Up A Successful VA Business
  • Guide: Top 20 Ways To Find Clients
  • Guide: 101 Tasks To Delegate To A Virtual Assistant
  • Video Series: Sales Training + worksheet
  • Series: Improving Your Google Ranking
  • Post: Estimating & Pricing Tasks
  • Post: Website Lead Generation
  • Series: The Law of Attraction
  • Post: Pushing Through Fear and Self-Doubt
  • Post: Client Welcome Pack
  • Guide: How To Get Quality Testimonials From Clients

  • Template: Initial onboarding email to new clients
  • Guide: The Tools You Need To Run Your Virtual Business
  • Video: Password Manager Tutorial
  • Worksheet: Choosing Your Services

  • Video: Why Choosing a Niche Will Make You More Successful

  • Post: Your Prospects' Outsourcing Concerns & Fears

  • Template: Contractor Agreement Template, 

  • Tutorial: Setting Up The Tech

  • Post: New client onboarding process

  • Post: Managing Contractors' Hours & Workflow

  • Video: Hiring Employees Vs Contractors

  • Video: Managing Multiple Client Inboxes and Logins

  • Guide: Two Step-By-Step Systems To Inbox Management

  • Template: Terms of Engagement Swipe File

  • Tutorial: Setting Up Your Time Tracking Tool
  • Plus so much more and new content as it's released!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want to cancel my monthly membership? 

You have complete control over your billing by logging into your membership site and choosing to cancel. No awkwardness - just full control.

Is the Members Club just for those starting out?

Although there are a lot of resources that help members in the start-up phase, there are also resources that assist with growing your business and managing a team. The Members Club also isn't just limited to the resources. Having Jo + Sam as your mentors allows you to ask any questions that are directly related to your situation and the stage that you are at.

Who is the Members Club for?

Women wanting to ditch the overwhelm and either kick start their VA business or take it to the next level. Women wanting flexibility, freedom and control in their lives. Women ready to put the work in and take action.


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