How To Use Facebook & Instagram 101

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How To Use Facebook & Instagram 101


Like it or not social media should have a firm place in any business's marketing strategy. We’re going to show you how to get the best out of Facebook and Instagram. This online workshop will provide you with the knowledge on how to use Facebook and Instagram effectively.

By the end of the online workshop you will be a Facebook and Instagram whizz having learnt:

  • How to set up a Facebook and Instagram Business Page
  • How to create a posting strategy along with content creation ideas
  • How to use features such as stories, polls, and many others
  • Posting 101 - do's and don't
  • How to interact successfully with other pages
  • Successful engagement strategies
  • How to use hashtags to grow your following

Learn How To

Use Facebook and Instagram effectively for your business.

Find Out How To

Grow your business using social marketing techniques and use the latest social media algorithms. 


Business accounts and link accounts, use the latest features and more.

Your Presenters

Teesha Masson & Anesha Ralston, Social Media Managers

Learn from Teesha Masson and Anesha Ralston, members of the Strictly Savvy creative team and social media managers for a number of brands.

Teesha is a qualified graphic designer as well as an artist behind the camera lens, and loves putting together a well-thought design.

Anesha is our social media whiz, with quick thinking and initiative meaning fast, effective solutions for businesses.

Lifetime access to the online workshop
Watch in your own time and as many times as you like
Workbook for download provided

"Nice space for the sessions, easy to follow, not over loaded or rushed, tutors knew what they were talking about. The tips and tricks learnt were very relevant."

Jess Godfrey

"I didn't have to travel to Lower Hutt or Wellington to attend! Three hours was the right amount of time out of my day. They were priced so I could attend several. I have not seen anyone else offering such courses. Would be keen to attend more next time."

Lynda Moore

"Really enjoyed all and learnt a great deal. I would like other members of my staff to attend the workshops next time."

Nic Cross

"I enjoyed learning about a whole new way of accessing my information and making my business so much more manageable. It was a really positive experience. Even though I have just begun creating my business, the presenters really tried to help make it relevant for me and show me how to use it as a tool."

Grace McGregor

"I enjoyed the practice time to trial what we had learned with the Savvy team to assist when we needed help. I think the courses are a brilliant idea and the Strictly Savvy team were very helpful to me as a small business owner."

Cherie Gurney

"New hints and tips that I had not used before. Relaxed and enjoyable session with individual help as required. Friendly presenter who knew her stuff. Great ideas and tips on things I had no idea about. I liked the opportunity to go outside and take different photos to use the tips we had been given. Enjoyed the feedback too. Very helpful. Thank you. A most enjoyable session."

Glynis Waghorn

"I found the web design workshop to be just what I needed. Rocketspark seems to be the perfect platform for me, and the templates seem easy to use. The teacher was very thorough and helpful and I am looking forward to delving into finishing the website. The room is really great too, nice and bright and the people were friendly and helpful, what a great place!"

Julia Finlayson

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