How To Start Your Own Dream Virtual Assistant Business From Home

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How To Start Your Own Virtual Assistant Business From Home


So, you want freedom, control, and flexibility in your life? A virtual assistant business is the PERFECT way to achieve this.

A virtual assistant business can give you the flexibility to earn while working from home around your family. Learn step-by-step how to get started in this online workshop.

Six years ago, Jo started her own virtual assistant business - Strictly Savvy - and in this online workshop she will show you the fundamentals of setting up your own dream virtual assistant business. Strictly Savvy is now the leading virtual assistant company in New Zealand and Jo set it up all from home and with a young family.

In this online workshop you will learn:

  • The step by step process for setting up your virtual assistant business
  • Exactly how Jo started her own virtual assistant business and grew it to be the leading VA company in New Zealand
  • How to choose your services - even if you don't think you have many skills
  • How to get flexibility, control and freedom in your life
  • The big mistake that almost every new virtual assistant makes
  • How to set up the tech needed to run the business
  • How to find your first clients (Hint: it is not via social media)
  • The pitfalls to avoid when starting your business


Learn How To

Have freedom, flexibility and control in your life.

Find Out

The fundamentals of setting up your own VA business!

Discover How To

Avoid the all too common pitfalls of starting your own VA business.

Your Presenter

Jo Muggeridge, Virtual Assistant Expert

With an action-taking approach to everything she does, Jo gets things done. No fear, no doubt, no drama. She's obsessed with the law of attraction and lives by it every day.

With no money, a six-month-old baby and a dream of a life with freedom, control and flexibility, she founded her own virtual assistant business in 2012. Strictly Savvy is now New Zealand's leading virtual assistant company and this year it'll achieve well over $1 million in revenue. She employs over 12 tech-savvy assistants and has a five minute commute to work. 

Jo now helps virtual assistants all over the world realise their lifestyle business dreams. The virtual assistant industry is an exciting one and there hasn't been a better time to start your own business.

A farm girl at heart, she loves the smell of fresh air and doesn't shy away from hard work.

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"I really enjoyed this course. It gave me a lot of insight of what I need to do in order to finish starting up my own business. Jo was amazing, she really explained everything well and in detail. Can't wait to carry on and finish setting up my business now that I have the ideas and methods to do so."


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