All set up but struggling to find clients?

We'll show you how...

You could have everything all set up and ready to go for your virtual assistant business - an amazing website, your logo and branding, printed business cards, your new client form, your email account - and then nothing...

No enquiries. No clients. No dollars coming in.


For most virtual assistants finding clients is the hardest part. And you can't just outsource it - it's up to you. 

Instead of wanting to curl up in the corner and let that self doubt creep in, we got you girl!

Get step-by-step guidance to finding clients that actually works. In this 60 min video and templates, you’ll discover:

  • How to get your first client by tapping into the network you already have
  • How to find clients even if you're introverted and would prefer to poke your eye out than go to a networking event
  • The fastest way to find your first client -- and fast is key here so you can start bringing in money and get your momentum going.
  • A Trello Board with over 50 ways to find clients (some are so simple and easy that you won't have ever thought of them before)
  • Email templates that'll have people wanting to find out about all that you're offering
  • A simple system you can use to manage your leads and enquiries -- because you're going to need it -- plus a tutorial video on how to use it

Bust through that self doubt and get that first, second and third client signed up! 

Add the How To Find Clients Bundle to your cart and become a badass virtual assistant business owner for just $27 NZD.

What you'll get...

60-Min Video

Find out the fastest way to find your first client and the best two ways to find your next clients (one for the lovely introverts and one for fabulous extroverts). And for all those mums - hear how you can find clients without leaving your home.

50+ Ways Trello Board

With over 50+ ways to find clients, you'll discover simple new ways to get clients jumping onboard so you can get the money coming in and get that flexibility, freedom and control that you want.

Leads System

Once you get those leads coming in you'll want to have a simple and easy system set up to keep track of them. In this simple tool we've done the hard work for you, you can simply  take a copy of the system and start using it.

PLUS email templates to chose from that you can send that'll have people wanting to find out about your virtual assistant business.


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