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Starting a new business can be daunting and with so much to think about we want to make sure you're doing things the easy way, not the hard way.


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Having independently created highly successful VA businesses of their own, Jo + Sam have combined their decades of knowledge and experience to show aspiring VAs around the world what it takes to launch and grow in-demand Virtual Assistant businesses.

 We were both once in your shoes. 

Wanting to start a new business from home. 
Feeling a little bit scared, a little bit excited and really overwhelmed.

It took time, the right mentors and a ton of hard work for us to create thriving businesses that gave us the freedom, flexibility and control we hadn't even known we were craving.

It was hard, but we bloody well did it. Not only that - we did it really well.

And guess what? You can too!

We muddled through alone, making mistakes along the way (some were doozies!). But you don't have to - because you've got a secret ingredient... us!

We're so thrilled to be sharing all our tips, tricks, secrets and lessons we've learnt along the way.

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Courses and Resources for Virtual Assistants

With a change in the way people are running their businesses, the demand for Virtual Assistants is growing. Learn how to start and scale your VA business with our online training and personalised coaching.

$397 NZD

You don't have to do this alone. Get 1:1 personalised support and advice in this 60-minute coaching call.

Jo & Sam will get you unstuck, help you strategise and answer all of your questions!

Whether you're just starting out or looking to scale your VA business, this call will help give you clear direction and focus you need.



No matter where you are in your VA journey, the Members Club will help you figure out exactly what stage you are at and what the next steps are to start and scale your in-demand virtual assistant business. 

With expert mentoring, a library of step by step resources, videos, checklists and worksheets - you’ll never feel like you’re doing this alone.


The Masterclass Collection

$27 NZD

In this 3-hour masterclass you'll learn how exactly to start up your very own VA business including...

Choosing your services,
Setting up the tech,
Finding your first clients,
and more!

Learn exactly how Jo started out and scaled her biz to becoming the leading VA agency in New Zealand.


$27 NZD

Overnight COVID-19 changed the way almost every business owner finds their clients and customers.

Building meaningful relationships is more important than ever as it can now only be achieved online.

In this brand new workshop Jo & Sam show you the key ways to find clients online, target markets to choose and in-demand services to offer.


$27 NZD

By watching this bundle of masterclasses you'll be able to launch your own kickass VA website in just a few days!

Learn how to: build a stunning website even if you have no design or coding skills, write your irresistible homepage copy even if you suck at writing, and leverage the power of Google to get free traffic to your website.

Get seen online!


$97 NZD

Whether you’re an experienced VA or just starting out, we all want one thing – and that’s to run flexible and successful businesses. 

At the Virtual Assistant Online Summit you’ll have access to over 16 knowledge-fueled sessions created specifically for Virtual Assistants by the best speakers across NZ, Australia and the US.



Coming this year, our signature VA course will teach you everything you need to know to launch your in-demand virtual assistant online biz. 

Fast track your success!

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Our friends at Adminja have created a demo that shows you all its great features and how to set up this all-in-one VA biz online tool.

Built specifically for VAs, Adminja helps you manage tasks, invoices, time tracking, client projects and more.

Plus they have an exclusive offer for our community - 60-days free trial! 



/ Young Business Person of the Year 2015

/ Founder of New Zealand’s leading VA agency, Strictly Savvy 

/ Virtual Assistant Mentor

With no money, a six-month-old baby and a dream of a balance of freedom, control and flexibility, I founded my own virtual assistant business in 2012.

Although, to be honest, back then I didn't actually know what a virtual assistant was!

It didn't matter.

Full of excitement and ready to make my mark on the world, I hit the ground running.

Within a few months, I actually had to start hiring to keep up with the new clients signing on. At one stage I was hiring two at a time!

Then came the struggles.

I was often running out of cash, because clients weren't paying, or my hires weren't I ended up not paying myself.

Fast forward a few years and I have a whole new approach to running my business.

I've learned the hard way and unfortunately spent hundreds of thousands of dollars doing it!

However, now my VA business, Strictly Savvy, is New Zealand's leading virtual assistant company.

Today I employ over 15 tech-savvy assistants, and have the freedom to choose where and when I work.

It took time, the right mentors and a ton of hard work to create the life I wanted for myself and my family. With a great team and by surrounding myself with successful people, I created my dream life. 

So, if you're struggling with how you'll split your time between a business and your family, don't worry!

It can absolutely be done - you just have to be smart about how you set up your business to work for you, and not the other way around!

I'm thrilled to have you here so that I can share with you all the secrets that I've learned. 


/ Founder of the Virtual Assistant Network of New Zealand

/ New Zealand’s most in-demand freelance virtual assistant, My Girl Friday Ltd 

/ Virtual Assistant Cheerleader

How did I get from a being a barely holding it together some days stay at home mum of two, to becoming one of New Zealand’s most successful freelance virtual assistants?

How long have you got? Haha.

I’m what I like to call an ‘Accidental VA’.

When my youngest was only a few months old I started helping out an old friend with some of her admin work.  One thing very quickly led to another and I found myself juggling half a dozen clients. 

I had no business plan, no online presence and absolutely no marketing experience whatsoever.  But hey, I wasn’t going to let that stop me!  I decided to forge ahead and somehow make it happen.

It wasn’t until I was designing my logo that I realised I didn’t know what my business was exactly.  What was my job title going to be?

Google came to the rescue and provided me with a term I had never heard of … ‘Virtual Assistant’.  Who would have thought it right?!

So, with very little fanfare, in 2016 I officially launched My Girl Friday.

Without even realising it I had discovered my dream job.  The freedom and flexibility it has allowed me is something I will never give up. 

I knew early on that I didn’t want to expand my team.  I’m very happy as an independent/freelancer. 

But it can feel quite lonely going it alone which is why in 2019 I launched the Virtual Assistant Network of New Zealand

The VANNZ is my passion project – bringing together like-minded Kiwi VAs, raising the visibility and profile of the VA community, and providing our members with a safe place to connect and support one another.

And now I can take that passion one step further with the Savvy School!

Honestly, nothing beats the privilege of cheerleading our community on to launch and grow successful VA businesses and to become the fabulously successful business owners I know they can be.


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